School Times

School start times for all Putnam County School District schools are listed in this document below(or also found in the Quick Links on the right hand side of the page).
School Start Times Document(PDF) - POST-HURRICANE UPDATE

School Bus Drivers Needed!

If you're interested in applying, please navigate to our Employment -> Job Vacancy page

Starting September 1st, we will pay for all $199 training costs to the first ten applicants which includes the following:
 * Fingerprinting
 * Commercial Drivers License


21st Century Community Learning Center Program

PCSD will offer a FREE after school program this year. Participating schools will be Interlachen High School, Palatka High School, Crescent City High School, Jenkins Middle School, Miller Middle School, Interlachen Elementary School, and Moseley Elementary School. Programs will focus on exposing students to STEAM activities. Buses will be provided to transport students home. Interested parents and students should complete an application, available here.

Virtual school opportunities are available! Read more about them here.