Fun for Everyone

Kelley Smith Elementary School is having their Family Fall Festival
Friday, November 16th 3:30-5:30
(tickets will be on sale at the festival)

We are still in need of individually wrapped candy


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Fourth G
rade students have been learning about Coding and Robotics with Media Specialist Suzanne Buckles.  Students were first introduced to the coding process while in the second grade using Dot and Dash robots. With a growing knowledge of programming and an understanding of the coding process students have now moved on to more complex computational thinking skills that involve creating their own ideas, exploring their own theories, testing and refining solutions to problems while engaging in physical and digital creations using Lego bricks.  KSES is currently creating a Robotics Club for students in the third and fourth grades.  The Robotics Club is an after school program that will reinforce skills taught in the Media Center.


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Second Graders in Mrs. Misty Hager’s class had a fun time with math. To wrap up their math module students were surgeons at the Place Value Hospital.  Some procedures the students had to perform were Number Surgery where they had to use their scalpel (scissors) and stitches (glue) to get the numbers back into their correct standard form, Mixed-Up X-rays, Symptom Check where they had to use the place value “symptom” given to figure out which number to diagnose each patient with, and Pharmacy Sort.



Students in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Grade recently participated in a fire safety program.  Mrs. Cindy David, KSES Guidance Counselor, coordinated the program with the Francis Volunteer Fire Department.  Students practiced crawling to safety, what number to call, and stop-drop-roll.  They were also able to see and touch a fireman fully equipped with fire protection clothing so they would know what to expect should a fire ever break out.

Fin-tastic Sharks